jeudi 20 mars 2014

Holidays, the perfect occasion for some work...

I mean recreative work. Time to try, make mistakes, shoot wide open or totally locked, absurd framing. Time for some experiment. If you don't try on these occasions, you're not going to do it on a paid job... Well, I did it many times, just don't repeat it.

Exactly what I tried to do here with that video/slideshow, wandering around the beautiful city of London with only one lens, a 50mm, most of the time wide opened to add some softness and blur. And the beauty of carrying almost nothing except one camera and one lens. No heavy tripod, just use large aperture and high ISO.

Modern cameras can shoot stunning videos too, and even the most humble scene can be fascinating when shot at a large aperture and little slo-mo. Hand held long exposures are fun too, just try not to breathe for a few moments !

Wish I could do that for a living, it was fun moments there.

dimanche 16 février 2014

All Glam Valentine's Day Party Video...

Less than a month after the teaser for their marketing operation with the most beautiful real estate commercial boys of Marseille, comes back with a wonderful party they organized on Valentine's day.

All glam, beautiful people  having fun in an intimately lit place, with fine food, beverages, cool music and a crazy singer, all this shot natural light. I can't thank enough my wonderful lenses I used wide open, to catch even the smallest quantity of photons available from any candles, bulbs or phones I could frame.

All things in perspective, the lighting of the place reminded me of some Kubrick's movies, from Barry Lindon (for which Lord Kubrick used an incredible 50mm opening at 0,7 built by Carl Zeiss) to Eyes Wide Shut... I even had people with masks, after all ! So I decided I could go the same way and not use any other source of lighting, as I had the glass to match this darkness.

As they plan some other venues, expect to see more of this technique on my videos for them this year.

dimanche 19 janvier 2014

The working women dream : Boys knocking at your door...

Sorry for the title of this post, but it's actually the truth. I shot lately a video for a real estate agency, and they are aiming at a new market : the working women, with no spare time to waste.

So they decided to launch a small teaser to launch their new campaign, showing four of their reps getting prepared for what could be a speed date, except they will help the client to find the perfect home. Clever, isn't it ?

With the help of at the art direction, and everybody else at, we managed to shoot in less than a day a quite classy edit. Thanks slow-mo and steady cam for that very filmic look. Makes me want to buy a Red Epic for the next shooting !

dimanche 8 décembre 2013

Fastest Ski Lift in the World ? Real or not, it can only be in Tignes...

This is my new slideshow edit for STGM, the ski lift company in Tignes ski resort, France. Shot entirely on stills, in moderately cold conditions (Minus 16°C, I froze my ___ off !).

Don't know if it's actually the fastest in the world, but it's definitely quick ! It must take about 5 to 6 minutes to climb to the top from the parking lot, and check that crazy view from up there !

See at 00:45, and you'll get further proof it's fast ! Maybe it's a little bit video enhanced, though... Who cares...

lundi 2 décembre 2013

How to make a living from the mountains when you actually are from the sea...

I wanted to start this post saying : " Look at what I've been those last 10 days. 3 jobs that can't be more different from one another..."

But, of course, I'm fooling myself... What's the link between covering the opening of a new gondola in Tignes, shooting the next Fall Winter catalogue for a clothing brand, and the delicate job of a ski bootfitter ? The mountains, once again. And I have to admit I love it and all the people I meet there.

Things being equal though, the more time I spend by the sea, the more jobs I get in the Alps. So for once, please guys check the last picture of this post and try to get me a small assignment close to that stuff, just to counter balance a little bit !

Time to shoot again some bikinis, I believe, just to catch some attention...

mercredi 30 octobre 2013

Harsh Light Catalunya...

Just back from a family trip between France and Spain, along the Catalunya coast... Just so new to me I spent those 3 days shooting anything. The light is fantastic there, some places surreal... We finished with a visit to Salvador Dali's House, a totally crazy place. I'll go back.

mardi 15 octobre 2013

Behind the Scene of World Class Ski Boots...

2 years a go I had to shoot behind the scene of a video for Lange, famous ski boots brand. What was supposed to be some classical coverage of the crew turned out to be real report on how those boots are made, a real work of art by passionate italian makers in Montebelluna, a few kilometers from Venice.

I'm a big fan of photographer Andreas Gursky work, turning the most industrial and obvious scenery into piece of art worth million of dollars on the art market. And this factory was a perfect place to mimic some of his work, like the famous "99 cents picture" (go google it, guys...).

It's still very hand made, at least for the design of the prototype and molds, and even at a very late stage boots are reworked by hand for champions like Swiss racer Lara Gut, here on these pictures.

I wanted to share because I actually love those shoots nowadays, and they're worth a look in my humble opinion. Next time you'll know more about the amount of work necessary to allow you to slip your feet in your pair of boots.