lundi 10 novembre 2014

New corporate job : Back to School !

Have you ever had this dream, when you're a student and you have to change for a new school, and you are just the new guy (or girl) around, and everything seems so new, strange, and you feel the perfect clumsy person for a few weeks before you get into your shoes ?

Well, that happened to me on that assignment, except I was the new guy for every classroom I visited !

For the Chambre de Commerce of Haute Savoie, I had to document all the classes and degrees you can get there, as it's not widely known you can get very good teachings there, part-time in a classroom and part-time in companies and industries of the area. The goal was to be fully immersed with the students, no posing, and try to make it look good.

I went to my routine technique, fully opened lenses, back lit, and be as unnoticeable as possible. Nature helped me on that one, as my size is frankly ridiculous, and I can hide everywhere. Thanks also to my camera, which can shoot in a whispering mode, making it perfect for this kind of shoot.

dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Flash light portraits with no flash... How to travel light.

2 months ago I had to shoot for an elevator company, about their products, people building and installing them, and I also had to shoot a set of portraits of the company's board.

Needless to say the shoot was far away from home, and I had a few minutes with every people at the best. And I also had to travel light... That makes a lot of limitations, to get some nice pictures.

My technique was to imitate the painter's atelier lighting, so I investigated the whole building for a large window opened to the north, to use it as a giant softbox. The one I found had a perfect white wall to its left I could use as a background and reflector as well.

Check the result, I'm really impressed myself, no flash lights were involved in the process, and my handsome models turned very cooperative (for a few seconds...). I almost bought the window and the wall to bring back home !

Check the original shoot here :

lundi 4 août 2014

Running to the sky...

Hey ! It's been a while ! I've been quite busy on corporate jobs, editing a new website, and lately, I was invited to shoot the Redbull K3. Ok I said, it's gonna change me from my industrial jobs, let's take that as holidays.

What a mistake...

Imagine a trail running race, where runners start at 500m of elevation and run like mad rabbit to reach the nearest summit at 3500m ! That's 3000m of ascent, the race itself being 10 kilometers long. Steeper and you call it climbing !

As you may know it, this summer looks like winter in Norway, and we were granted with rain, snow at the top, sun sometimes, clouds... That's why I decided to process this gallery in black and white, giving more drama to the pics, not that they really need it.

As for the location, Susa, in Italy, close to Torino. Wonderful place, and thanks to Redbull Italy, Damiano and Matteo at Story Teller lab for inviting me.

PS : My legs hurt...

jeudi 29 mai 2014

Cool ! I'm a junior !

I had an assignment which is quite unusual for me, as I had to shoot the behind the scene of a kids clothing photoshoot. Usually, I'm the one that get filmed. But it's a new client, I already worked with their art director for a video, and she wanted to get the same mood in this backstage edit.

And I enjoyed it because I learned a lot. The photographer I had to follow, Stephane Huard, is an incredible character, shooting major campaigns around the world. His grandfather was a photographer, so are both his parents, they have a beautiful photo studio in Paris, it's a dynasty of photographers ! Watching him shoot and direct those talented young models taught me a lot, and also confirmed my technique is not so far. I only wish I could have the same assistant, Laurent, preparing the cameras, unloading cards, telling Stephane just what is necessary at the right moment. A nice pair working symbiotically.

On the sets, I needed to be fast and ready at any moment, so I had a very light rig to shoot all this, and a limited amount of lenses, so I could focus on shooting and not on technique. Shooting with DSLRs, you have to know your limitations and turn them into advantages. There was also a lot of different kind of lights, and I was really happy with the Cinestyle picture style, which helped me keeping all those high and low lights in control.

You can shoot RAW video now with hack firmware like Magic Lantern, but the workflow is quite a nightmare, especially if you want to shoot a little slow mo with a Canon 5DMkIII. The last version of Magic Bullet Looks integrates all the curves to correct Cinestyle, so it's easy to bring back the contrast and colors in those really flat rushes. And looking at the result, I'm really happy with it. If only Canon could officially unlock a few options on its cameras, it would be all I need as a video shooter. Hope you like the result as much as my clients do.

jeudi 20 mars 2014

Holidays, the perfect occasion for some work...

I mean recreative work. Time to try, make mistakes, shoot wide open or totally locked, absurd framing. Time for some experiment. If you don't try on these occasions, you're not going to do it on a paid job... Well, I did it many times, just don't repeat it.

Exactly what I tried to do here with that video/slideshow, wandering around the beautiful city of London with only one lens, a 50mm, most of the time wide opened to add some softness and blur. And the beauty of carrying almost nothing except one camera and one lens. No heavy tripod, just use large aperture and high ISO.

Modern cameras can shoot stunning videos too, and even the most humble scene can be fascinating when shot at a large aperture and little slo-mo. Hand held long exposures are fun too, just try not to breathe for a few moments !

Wish I could do that for a living, it was fun moments there.

dimanche 16 février 2014

All Glam Valentine's Day Party Video...

Less than a month after the teaser for their marketing operation with the most beautiful real estate commercial boys of Marseille, comes back with a wonderful party they organized on Valentine's day.

All glam, beautiful people  having fun in an intimately lit place, with fine food, beverages, cool music and a crazy singer, all this shot natural light. I can't thank enough my wonderful lenses I used wide open, to catch even the smallest quantity of photons available from any candles, bulbs or phones I could frame.

All things in perspective, the lighting of the place reminded me of some Kubrick's movies, from Barry Lindon (for which Lord Kubrick used an incredible 50mm opening at 0,7 built by Carl Zeiss) to Eyes Wide Shut... I even had people with masks, after all ! So I decided I could go the same way and not use any other source of lighting, as I had the glass to match this darkness.

As they plan some other venues, expect to see more of this technique on my videos for them this year.

dimanche 19 janvier 2014

The working women dream : Boys knocking at your door...

Sorry for the title of this post, but it's actually the truth. I shot lately a video for a real estate agency, and they are aiming at a new market : the working women, with no spare time to waste.

So they decided to launch a small teaser to launch their new campaign, showing four of their reps getting prepared for what could be a speed date, except they will help the client to find the perfect home. Clever, isn't it ?

With the help of at the art direction, and everybody else at, we managed to shoot in less than a day a quite classy edit. Thanks slow-mo and steady cam for that very filmic look. Makes me want to buy a Red Epic for the next shooting !