jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Be sexy or die....

Few years back, I started shooting racing ski, as friends from Skieur Magazine took the plunge and edited 3 special issues a year about racing. Turned out racers are cool, if a bit over scheduled, and the sport itself is way more interesting to shoot than the mere close up action shots we get used to everywhere... I got an explanation when I got to the pressroom on my first comp, in Levi, Finland. There were 40 computers from 40 shooters, each with the same pic ! How boring... All big news magazine only request for such shots, though, which kills even the most committed photographer creativity. At first, I felt under equipped with my small 70-200mm (no sex jokes please...) and no competition area access. But it turned out to be a huge advantage, seeing the big image rather than only focusing on the pilot. I shot action from behind the fences, including them in my composition, even spectators, other shooters, pylones, everything. I most of the time went backlit, instead of frontlit. After all, a bit of flare is always cool. I processed in BW, XPro, over or de-saturated, the way we do in free sports. I shot more casual portraits, trying to escape the "go naked !"or "bite your medal !" cliché of ski shooting agencies when it comes to be "creative" with athletes... And you know what ? It worked. I signed a major campaign for Rossignol with the best athletes in the world, and now even writers working for competing mags are using my pics in this beautiful book, Pistes de Legendes, edited by Glenat. It is still not the major part of my income yet, but it's a peculiar achievement for a guy who came to mountain shooting guys riding with twin tip skis !

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