jeudi 30 décembre 2010

Size matters !

To emphasize on some point in the previous post, I wanted to share that pic from the last RedBull Rampage, where I was following the french rider extraordinaire Yannick Granieri. I said before that a lot of photographers working for big photo agencies, like AFP, Getty... just have to come back with the shot, when it comes to sport. I'm pretty sure they are more than decent photographers, but their production is totally neutered by photo editors from both agencies and medias, who don't really care to be artistic when they just want to illustrate somebody's victory in some comp. They just go close up shot, and that's a shame. This does not mean I spit on all action close up shots. Try to follow and frame properly fast action with a big tele lens, and you'll see it's an otherworldly difficult exercise. This implies most of these shots are merely larger ones heavily reframed to focus on the rider. Big close up are spectacular, I don't say otherwise. You can see details no HD slo-mo movie can reveal. But the larger picture sometimes says more ! Check this unused shot from Alex Pro(chazka), canadian rider from Whistler, BC. Would a closer shot express the harshness of the environment ? The size of the jump ? His fragility in such a large scene ? Nope. That's where size matters ! Sometimes you express more about your subject by framing it way smaller in your viewfinder. The whisperer is more carefully listened than the howler...

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