mardi 4 janvier 2011

Keep a trace ! your business is beautiful...

We are surrounded by human activity that very seldom get documented... And that's a shame... I've been trying for the last past years to shoot more corporate stuff... OK, you're gonna say I'm getting old, just want to get money, or whatever funny joke you can imagine. But it's a true and sad fact, big or small companies don't think their business is interesting enough to get pictures of it, and they are very difficult to convince. That explains the poor press releases we get from some of the biggest actors of the industry, even snow industry, though known to produce a rich imagery. OK, what's the point of having good pictures of what we do ? Isn't the business itself, and the money generated, the only things important ? I do not think so... It's just that people inside those industries don't realize how photogenic their jobs can be, and that it's important to keep a trace, as stylish as possible please. We're no animals... Though most of the time they look way more elegant than us. That's why I feel I was very lucky, as almost 2 years ago I got a major job from Serre-Chevalier resort, who paid me interestingly enough to make me stay for more than 5 weeks and shoot all the different jobs you can encounter in a ski resort. From people on the slopes to girls and guys working in the offices. I'd like to thank here Damien Gall, from the marketing department, who felt the importance of showing their skills. Those pictures are still used proudly and intensively for press articles, resort communication, exhibition, whatever... It was not easy to shoot, but very motivating and rewarding. And I got all access to places and people customers cannot even imagine necessary to keep the ski business running ! I've even been buried and rescued by avalanche dogs ! Properly shot, it's very cool, and it allowed me to use any photo techniques available : dark BW, remote flashes and cameras, night shots with snowcats... So please, entrepreneurs, your job is beautiful, just unleash your checkbook and give us an opportunity to make you shine !

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