mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Living in a fridge...

I'm pretty sure you always wondered who were the guys switching off the light when you close your fridge's door. Let me introduce them ! Romain, Alberto and Nico are ski testers for big companies. Their mission is to detect the bombs, the fastest pairs of ski among the thousands produced each year by the racing workshops. And it's quite difficult to sort them reliably outside, with physical conditions changing every moment, making comparisons quite impossible. So they all go to Landgraaf,  Nederlands, where a giant fridge was built on top of an old coal mine refusal cone... The place is so big there are 2 or 3 hotels, shops, 2 or 3 lifts and chair, a real snowpark which can ashame a lot of real resorts... The temperature and humidity is the same all year long, a bit boring but a treat for ski testing. They spend around 2 months inside, and believe me, the place is so depressing it must be easier to travel to Mars confined in a space vessel ! Never mind, they have fun, even if a bit repetitive... They reach up to 100 km/h at the bottom, which makes for interesting braking sessions... You can bet they spend much of their spare time breathing some real fresh air, somewhere outdoor !

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