dimanche 9 janvier 2011

One Man or One Hundred, Same Passion...

Last year I got on 2 jobs, very similar by the subject, but lightyears away in scale... First, we got, french snow journalist Sandra Stavo-Debauge and me, special access to Dynastar skis factory in Sallanches. It was a renaissance year, after big job compressions and reorganization. Still it was buzzing with people hard working on new collection of skis for both Rossignol and Dynastar. The place is quite big, but compared to other industries, like automotive or clothing, it's a relatively small place. Hard to imagine the best part of Dynastar high end skis you can see on the slopes are coming from there... At the bottom of the scale, but overflowing with talent, dedication and knowledge, I shot at BrotherWood workshop. The place is run by Florian Bernard-Granger, a young engineer who decided his life would be better if he was building skis and snowboards from scratch, instead of getting a very well paid employment in some  major industry ! In his workshop, where he also lives, he built himself nearly all the machinery you need to craft your favorite snowtools ! He designs large skis and swallows, and believe me, he knows where the trees used for the cores were cut , and when ! Looking at both series of pictures is a crazy shortcut from one man business to a group with hundreds of workers. But motivation looks the same.

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  1. J'aime beaucoup ta vision sur les métiers Stef, vision que je partage également. Très beau travail.