mercredi 19 janvier 2011

RedBull : From racing to dining !

A few months ago I had a phone call from RedBull Austria. Luckily, the charming person was speaking a way more perfect english than mine, as my german sucks... Actually I do not speak a word of german, sadly. Anyway, they wanted my shooting skills for a shoot in... a restaurant ! That's right, you read properly, it was no full action photo assignment, but a tricky coverage of a videoshooting about a famous chef, owner of beautiful restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France. The truth is that redBull has a restaurant at their Headquarters in Austria for employees, and the place is not your average working place diner. Every month they invite a famous Chef from all around the world, using his recipes to feed the lucky austrian workers. And they also have a TV show about the invited Chef displayed on RedBull TV ! Kind of another planet... But anyway I had to shoot super cool TV host Roland Tretti cooking with Chef Mauro Colagreco the whole day, backstage and normal pics for magazine use. And let me tell you, being in the kitchen of such a restaurant is some experiment ! Quite relaxed until 11.30 when the first customers started to arrive, the mood turned suddenly to intense ++ when orders arrived from the dining room ! No time to ask the guy and his team to pose for a portrait, unless you want him to throw all his knives at your face... Funnily enough, I managed to grab a few bites of the delicate plates we shot, but not enough to feed me at the end of the day ! I almost died of hunger inside a restaurant...

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