samedi 8 janvier 2011

Served On The Rocks !

Fresh snow and jobs are getting as rare as gold these days, meaning I don't travel that much as well. Better go to the sea and catch some waves ! Got good surf yesterday, so I motivated myself to carry my water housing instead of my surfboard today, to bring some memories of what could be some kind of photo project for the winter, after all. We surf that spot a little bit downer on the reef, keeping an eye on this break as an indicator for the next series. You can see obviously why, as it literally breaks on the rocks, leaving no chance to you and your surfboard if you ever want to ride it anyway ! So I decided to get a dose of bravery and try to capture on pixels those marvelous little waves, before getting smashed a few times on the mussels and sea urchins living on the reef. Nearly got turned into clamshell look alike, but I think it was worth it... A bit more work on the pics and it will be quite presentable for printing. Amateurs, just let me know.

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