lundi 3 janvier 2011

Waves, then and now...

16 (yes, sixteen !) years ago, I was in my late twenties, had finished university, with plenty of time. The last being the best quality to be a surfer, even more in Mediterranean sea... I had started photography a few years before, and on my days off I could surf and shoot as much as possible. Time is the key in photography, even more in surf photography. And time I had plenty ! So I followed friends around the coast, and scored perfect conditions that winter, enough to get a nice article in a cool french mag from this era, Surf Saga. It scored quite a lot of attention at the moment, as Med was not as known for surfing as today, where you can check numerous Pays basque and Landes number plates in the car parks of the best spots on the best days ! I never meant to be a surf shooter, but eventually I worked as a photo editor in another mag from the Basque country. Shooting films was even more challenging in surf photography, obviously for watershooters, limited to a mere 36 exposures per roll. You didn't depress the shutter without thinking twice... The unwritten law was to pay them twice the rate for watershots... I hope for them it's still the case, especially with the cold water surfing fashion ! At the other side of the time spectrum, I shot a few weeks ago small but perfect waves on the same spots for 3 hours without worrying of going short of ammo ! And RAW shooting can really enhance your average day, only limited to black and white shooting before. Check those pictures, 16 years, a digital revolution and a zillion waves are separating them. I may have a surf trip planned in february on the other side of the pond, which is quite of a surprise ! I'll let you know if it works.

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