lundi 28 mars 2011

Photo Marathon, Take Three... And back home.

After an exhausting week at the Euro X, it was all natural to go to Austria as an invited photographer to shoot the very same girls as in Tignes, on a gem of a kicker. Only Nico Zacek and his gorgeous girlfriend Carla, who was mainly in charge,  and their team,  have the secret to built such castles, and I won't unveil it here. Let me tell you though, that for the very first event only for girls of freeskiing, the best athletes showed up in a relaxed, cool mood, and still pushing all their skills to the limit. 

We saw switch 10s, we saw stylish no-spins, we saw huge jumps over the castle, and as usual it was non stop riding sessions, allowing us shooters to test new angles and new lights for a long time. I still want to dedicate my winning BW shot to Ruedi Fluck, the crazy swiss photographer jumping with the girls to catch close up shots in full action ! 

What was new this year, is the lifestyle shooting I managed to shoot with all the girls dressed in classic Dirndl in the craziest Tug of War ever seen. And especially Virginie Faivre, who kindly invited me on this event, Maud Raymond, Anna Segal and Keri Herman in lunatic arm wrestling and bitchy attitude 2 pics. Thanks girls, that was perfect acting !

Can't wait to do that again, and hope you'll enjoy the pics. 

vendredi 18 mars 2011

Photo Marathon, Take Two... But where are my skis ?

Operation Winter Euro X Games done ! Completely exhausting, and far more tricky than expected. We, Christian, Vianney and I, had to give the right pics within minutes after each comp, to go directly on the ESPN Channel homepage, and later on their image bank. Bad weather and just a little lack of communication with the security guys fought a little bit against us, but we still managed to bring good documents. Even on such a job, I don't want to give a basic picture.  It's a good exercise to try to shoot an organised image in a chaotic environment, where the rider will never be at the place you want, or expect, him to be, and where everything is done for video shooting and broadcasting, with no real interest on what has to be made to make our still photographers life easier. After all, a TV live show is far more complicated to organize than the simple fact of depressing a button to catch a picture. Still, I had some luck and got things like this little gallery.

All these pics are already around the world in mags, website, any media. Photographers are still useful, hopefully.

Oh, and my skis are back ! The french police just found them and called me as I was about to sleep. A cool wake up call, even if a bit early !

samedi 12 mars 2011

Photo Marathon, Take One...

Ok, Ok, some of you we'll find it funny, and I swear I'm not complaining, but the next 2 weeks will be quite busy. At last, I would say ! I've been hired again as one of the officials on the Euro X Games in Tignes, and even though really comfy to shoot, it's still some hard work as we have to send a bunch of good pictures every night for the whole week. Hopefully, one of my mate is bringing a luxury assistant who will send the pics for us to ESPN computers. Some spare hours of sleep, enough to appreciate our cool accommodation in a very nice hotel in front of the action.

Immediately after, I'll go to Austria and shoot for the Nine Queens event, organized by Nico Zacek, who's building what looks like a Hollywood franchise with his Nine something ! Never mind, the best girls in the world will have fun on a crazy jump built on purpose, and it should be closely looked at by all the medias of the ski planet.

And of course, the best way to prepare for such a freestyle action orgy is to shoot some corporate stuff, right ? That's what I've been at for the last 4 days, shooting and processing 2500 pictures for a real estate company. Shooting men and women in working suits and outfits in their offices maybe is not so fun for some of you, but I like it ! And they pay my dayrate full price, which is even cooler and not to overlook these days. Check the pics, I think I managed to give them the aspect and the feel of the multi million dollar company ! Oups, it may well be that big after all, and the two CEOs are not looking like people you want to mess around with... Hope they'll like my work !