lundi 28 mars 2011

Photo Marathon, Take Three... And back home.

After an exhausting week at the Euro X, it was all natural to go to Austria as an invited photographer to shoot the very same girls as in Tignes, on a gem of a kicker. Only Nico Zacek and his gorgeous girlfriend Carla, who was mainly in charge,  and their team,  have the secret to built such castles, and I won't unveil it here. Let me tell you though, that for the very first event only for girls of freeskiing, the best athletes showed up in a relaxed, cool mood, and still pushing all their skills to the limit. 

We saw switch 10s, we saw stylish no-spins, we saw huge jumps over the castle, and as usual it was non stop riding sessions, allowing us shooters to test new angles and new lights for a long time. I still want to dedicate my winning BW shot to Ruedi Fluck, the crazy swiss photographer jumping with the girls to catch close up shots in full action ! 

What was new this year, is the lifestyle shooting I managed to shoot with all the girls dressed in classic Dirndl in the craziest Tug of War ever seen. And especially Virginie Faivre, who kindly invited me on this event, Maud Raymond, Anna Segal and Keri Herman in lunatic arm wrestling and bitchy attitude 2 pics. Thanks girls, that was perfect acting !

Can't wait to do that again, and hope you'll enjoy the pics. 

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