dimanche 22 mai 2011

Photo Frenzy at RedBull Eléments, Talloires, France.

Fantastic Week-End ! Some legends are written with blood, sweat, tears and laughs, and that's what participant at the RedBull Elements in Talloires lived for one day. Imagine a crazy relay race mixing rowing, trail running, paragliding and mountain bike. 51 teams of 4 people competed on the around the lake, then running to the top of Tournette, 2500 meters above, then dropping back down full speed with their paragliding sail, giving a last relay to a hell of a MTB round, where carrying the bike was sometimes mandatory if you wanted to keep your teeth ! We were no less than 4 photographers to capture most of these moments, Dom Daher, Jeremy Bernard, Vincent Curutchet and I, running the best part of the day around athletes to grab the best angles possible. Thanks RedBull for providing us boats, heli and motorbikes to reach our photo spots, the perfect toys ! We even had a preshooting session the day before the event, with the RedBull Austria team, who won the race the day after... How can it get better than that ? And pics from the water with my waterproof cam turned excellent. Enjoy !

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  1. Je vois... Désormais faut que je te fournisse un Riva pour que tu viennes shooter à Marseille c'est ça??! ;)
    Très sympa ta petite session .. bises