dimanche 4 septembre 2011

The Nine Knights go to dirt !

It's been a while since my last post, but I've been quite busy shooting and editing on my favorite brand of photo contest : The Nine Knights. Those accustomed to the pages know it usually takes place on the snow, with crazy athletes, girls and boys, riding the best shaped ever set up. I remember 3 years ago asking Nico Zacek, the organizer, how incredible it would be if he could apply his skills to mountain bike : at last an event with no over branding and where it's worth going for a photoshoot. As long as you are invited, that's it. Welcome to Neukirchen, Austria. And thanks to all my austrian and german friends to allow such a feast.

And this year it happened ! It was just a matter for him to find the right spot and the right person to handle the building of such a castle, and with enough MTB knowledge and credibility. Enter Mr. Andi Witmann, german rider, who managed to respect the deadline through days of rains and storm. It does not show on the pictures because we just had the PERFECT weather for 5 days in a row, too bad for the public comp day, which had to be cancelled because of snow ! 30 degrees celsius the day before, 10cm of snow the morning after... The mountain is still the boss, whatever your best effort to try to cope with the conditions.

Riders and photographers from all over the planets were just stoked to ride and shoot, and RedBull gave the video guys a lot of possibilities with the help of an Phantom camera and its incredible slow motion abilities, helicopter, cineflex....

I came back with Best Action on the Trail, not something I had originally planned, as I did all my best effort on the Black and White category and its iPad 2 prize... That's what my kid wanted. Still, I come back with a four car wheels set from Dotz, and lots of good times ! Don't know if those 19 inchers are going to fit my car, though...

And Wow ! Thanks to all the riders, especially my french buddies Yannick Granieri and Pierre_Edouard Ferry !

All those pics are still to be printed in magazines. As usual, you don't have permission to use or reproduce them on any kind of media, print or website, unless you ask me for permission. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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