lundi 5 décembre 2011

A LifeSize Test...

Aaahh... Communication departments. Sometimes working with them can be equally exciting and deceptive. This shot for a famous ski boots brand is the perfect example. Originally approved and produced with some of the greatest racing skiers on the planet, slight changes in their decisions lead to keeping those pictures in the dark... Which is a shame, in my humble opinion. All those hard trained winter athletes look quite good, and at least we get to have a glimpse at their face without helmet, goggles, and sponsors hat, which is quite impossible during the World Cup time.

I would have loved to keep on that work, but I respect the client will to go in some different direction. After all, it's up to a team of skilled professionals who have to make difficult choices, sometimes at the last minute, to produce what they think is the best way to promote their brand. Many times I would not like to be in their position, so much pressure.

Whatever, internet now allows me to display those pics instead of keeping them in the dark, all dead pixels. If it's not for the brand promotion, at least I'll do mine ! Thanks to Dominique Gisin, Lara Gut, Silvan Zurbriggen, Max Blardone and Didier Defago for what had been no less than a LifeSize test shoot...

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