dimanche 8 juillet 2012

Old Passion... Coming back !

You know the saying : biker one day, biker forever... Well, it may not be a saying, but I back it. And what's even more satisfying is to modify a bike to your exact taste. Or the taste that your wallet allows ! That's what happened to me some months ago. I kept on reading and reading again all those mouth watering bike blogs as pipe burn.com and bikeexif.com, and lightning struck twice. I suddenly wanted my bike from 25 years ago back !

And by chance one was for sale on the net. I can't say it was cheap, as for the same mount of money I just bought this time a near wreck, but at least it was perfect for the project I had in mind. Some thousands of euros of new parts later, it's now rideable and close to be my dream bike to take the kids to school, or go to the bakery for breakfast. I hope the cops won't chase me too much because of my turning lights, or the lack of them, actually... From a style point of view, it's still a work in progress, with certainly a new paint on the tank, shorter rear mudguard (though when you see it in the metal that's not so obvious), but that's what is interesting in customing your own ride.

Seems it's a real passion now, having built this in my garage after a very hard and long photoshoot. A real compensation. I'll try to be more into this passionate world of custom bikes, for photo jobs (they look so cute !) or riding them myself.

To those who are patient enough to read me till that point, a little surprise for you guys : a nice bike shot I did yesterday night at Chatel Mountain Style. Brandon Semenuk is an over stylish rider, to say the least...

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