lundi 17 septembre 2012

Red Bull Elements 012 : Back to Talloires...

Change of season, but no change of place, as this year Red Bull Elements just happened this september in Talloires, France. Once again I was part of the photographers team, along with legendary Dom Daher and Jeremy Bernard, and also Olivier Laugero. This can be quite nerve wrecking, as we have to get the perfect action from our dedicated spot.

 Fantastic weather allowed fantastic performance from all the 56 teams. it seemed the course format has also permitted a more compact race, with more athletes fighting really close to each other : quite spectacular to see rowers and their boats running shoulder to shoulder in the old and magnificent city of Talloires, just to relay their team mates for the trail run of their lives, up to La Tournette, more than 2000 meters higher ! And the suddenly rising wind gave a good challenge to all the paragliders, who had to land on the tiniest of floating barge, sometimes missing it to the delight of the public. A special big up to winner teal Font Romeu Altitude, with team member Kilian Jornet slaying the trail running relay with a stunning 1h19mn59s time !  All in all a good saturday for athletes and photographers.

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