lundi 1 octobre 2012

UPDATED ! Paying for a photo contest ? Are you serious ?

UPDATED : according to infamous snowboard photographer Matt Georges, if you win that photo contest, you have to pay another 1500 euros or 3500 euros, depending on the award you win, just to showcase your work !! Let me sit down and think...

I had an email last week requesting me to be part of a photo contest organized by a big trade show I won't name. You just have to know it's held in Munich, Germany, early February each year... Got it ?

As I was a Red Bull Illume finalist, they would be honored if I could participate, send a 3 to 4 pics selection. Photo contests are good to get some coverage, so  I was immediately interested, until this morning when I tried to submit my work. I had to pay a 250 euros fee for entrance !!

There are probably dozens of ways to spend those 250 euros, but I certainly won't pay for that, I'm sorry. Just another way to steal hard earned money from photo enthusiasts or even professionals pockets, I'm afraid.

And this is not the only trick with people organizing photo contests, they can also retain all the rights from your image, and you can no more claim any money from your own shots. If you send your pics, just read carefully the rules...

So by the way, here are the 4 pics I wanted to submit. Ok, there's Lara Gut again, it's just that I love that set. Just vote right here for your favorite ! It's free !