jeudi 22 novembre 2012

Italia.... Can be just around the corner...

A few weeks back I had to shoot in an italian restaurant downtown Annecy, on the wrong side of the Alps if you want to hear the pizza cooking in the oven in its original language. The pics were to be used in the new version of the restaurant, due to a complete make over in the coming weeks. And as usual, time was short... Makes it even more difficult to try to shoot something with a good and happy fettucini mood.

What can save you when details are not spot on, is blur and black and white, of course. I had prepared a crazy flash set-up in the beginning, but everything was too sharp and in focus, so I turned my new cam up to 5000 iso, cranked the aperture down to 1.2 and started to shoot for good. Thanks 1Dx for the  performance.

One of the character was a 4 years old kid, who did not want to wear a hat at first, and I did not want to force him. He played with it a couple of times, though, and I think they're the best pics of the set.

One of the details was perfect, part the wonderful classy old school Vespa : check carefully and you'll see a Panerai watch on a model wrist. Can't be more classic Italian, and still goes smartly under the radar of bling addict. Cool stuff I want for my fifties, not a Rolex, OK Jacques ?

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