vendredi 8 février 2013

Shooting in an emergency... UPDATED !

New ! Updated with Summer edit !

Hi ! I'ts been a while since last post. And still I haven't been this busy. Actually, these days I have shootings that last less than the time spent to prepare them !

Small exemple is that little slideshow I did for La Compagnie des Alpes, in Tignes, France. We spent 4 to 5 days to set up everything, and, I should not say it, I only needed 2 days to snap all the pictures, and one (very full) day to edit.  Due to the lack of time, I shot more journalistic, and to my opinion, it worked. I already did this kind of job, and last time it took me 2 weeks over one month ! But I had to cover the whole resort people and their work, I used many flashes for each picture, and the result can't really compare. Just check this previous post :

Fun to be able to be in spots where no average users of ski resorts will ever have the right to go. And a good way to discover how hard work it is to run such a business. Which more or less explains the price you pay for your lift ticket, and the pleasure to ski down for the rest of the day. Enjoy...

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