mardi 16 avril 2013

Work at sea level... Or just a little bit under.

Just wanted to share some pics on a small project I'm working on between assignments. It's been a long time I wanted to do this along the coast close to my place, and the surprise good weather from the past days just allowed us to shoot.

Stand up paddle is growing fastly, and I'm not talking about the wave riding version. We are all aware it's gonna get big in the fitness-well being area, with more and more people turning to this relaxing way to travel on water, lake, sea, whatever. And actually, it's quite a pleasant way to train your upper body on long distance laps.

I met Severine, who is an actress, and she's working on a TV show project about that, traveling in beautiful places and meeting people on her board. I decided to help her a little bit, hence this set of pictures. A few more and we're ready to be published ! So that'll be a few other photo sessions in my wetsuit and camera in water housing to get some pretty angles. Wouldn't bother for a few degrees more in the water, though !