jeudi 9 mai 2013

Sea Diamond, pure jewel...

Once or twice a year I have assignments in the luxury business, and this time I had to shoot a very beautiful ship, a 105 feet Mangusta if you're a boat aficionado. The job was to shoot her inside out, to create all the documents to market this boat. With a hefty bit of money, you'll be able to rent her for luxury week-ends around Cannes and wherever you may want to go in the Mediterranean Sea... The perfect Mare Nostrum wanderer.

Usually you have to shoot boats from a helicopter, to make the boat look as long as possible, get a clear view from all the decks, and give the perfect impression of speed. Slow shutter speed can also be an option. But the client said otherwise so no chopper, just a tiny boat to turn around the ship and get all angles. I decided to go with no polarizer, as modern software allow for any highlight and shadow recovery, and to keep some cool reflections on the water. And anyway, it was slightly overcast, so it would have been useless. And polarizers are so past, no ?

Hopefully, the morning light was low enough to give some shadows, and as usual I went shooting backlit for most of my pictures, a habit I'll never get rid of... for the best of it, I sincerely believe. Some pics are just gorgeous. You may be more into sailboat, but this is starting to be a serious ship with a history, from a well known italian maker and talented hancrafters. You tend to respect that, not its price.

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