mardi 16 juillet 2013

24000 wheels on the same road...

To finish this work season before a 3 weeks break to the beach, here is a small edit I shot for Oakley. My friend Dom Daher had a photo assignment with them, but they needed a guy for the video footage, so here I am, with the incredible relieving feeling that our talented colleague Matt Raynaud would do the edit. So I nearly have the best part to myself, be on the spot, shoot, and send an invoice !

This is only the first part of the job, covering a group of Oakley VIP entering the Etape du Tour, a road cycling race on the same road that the Tour de France pros will conquer 10 days later. A feast if you're a road cycling fan, but frankly frightening to me, 130 kilometers of winding, ascending and descending road, finishing on top of Semnoz Mountain by Annecy with a murderous last climb.

We shot on the first day the arrival and preparation of the guests, but our surprise was total on the day after, when we realised how many people were entering the race : around 12000 !! Twelve thousand to write it properly... Different starts were organized as a wide range of performance were competing altogether...

With no real pressure except to shoot the mood of this kind of race, it was a lot of fun following this mass of bikes on the back of our motorbikes. We even met some skiers like Seb Michaud, who did an impressive performance, and nearly the whole french ski racing team, with Julien Lizeroux, JB Grange and all... Big up to all participants who entered that race.

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    arrrghhhh !!!! Cela devait être juste énorme...

    Sympa la vidéo :-)