dimanche 8 septembre 2013

Nine Knights MTB 013 : incredible week in Livigno...

Nine Knights is getting bigger each year, And I'm only admirative to what Nico Zacek, helped by Andi Wittman on MTB events, are achieving each year. Partners are increasing in number and real involvement, the video edits by Peoplegrapher are absolutely excellent and delivered in an incredible short times for a footage mostly shot on RED cameras, and those crazy photographers are just over pushing the limits just for fun, as prizes are wonderful but it's absolutely not about money.

Big up to all of them, Markus Greber, the excellent rookie Jan Kasl, legendary rock star Daniel Ronnback, genius of double exposure and narcissic maniac, and Alo Belluscio who did to my opinion one of the best shots on the wall ride at night.

This year I took it a bit more mellow, still won the Best Black and White category though. A real honor. I'll never say thanks enough to the riders, especially Pierre-Edouard Ferry and Yannick Granieri who are pushing me when I feel insecure, the organization, and everybody involved who makes it possible.

A fantastic week, and here is my slide show with selection pics and the outtakes too. And some secret shots for magazines... You lucky guys.

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