mardi 15 octobre 2013

Behind the Scene of World Class Ski Boots...

2 years a go I had to shoot behind the scene of a video for Lange, famous ski boots brand. What was supposed to be some classical coverage of the crew turned out to be real report on how those boots are made, a real work of art by passionate italian makers in Montebelluna, a few kilometers from Venice.

I'm a big fan of photographer Andreas Gursky work, turning the most industrial and obvious scenery into piece of art worth million of dollars on the art market. And this factory was a perfect place to mimic some of his work, like the famous "99 cents picture" (go google it, guys...).

It's still very hand made, at least for the design of the prototype and molds, and even at a very late stage boots are reworked by hand for champions like Swiss racer Lara Gut, here on these pictures.

I wanted to share because I actually love those shoots nowadays, and they're worth a look in my humble opinion. Next time you'll know more about the amount of work necessary to allow you to slip your feet in your pair of boots.

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