lundi 2 décembre 2013

How to make a living from the mountains when you actually are from the sea...

I wanted to start this post saying : " Look at what I've been those last 10 days. 3 jobs that can't be more different from one another..."

But, of course, I'm fooling myself... What's the link between covering the opening of a new gondola in Tignes, shooting the next Fall Winter catalogue for a clothing brand, and the delicate job of a ski bootfitter ? The mountains, once again. And I have to admit I love it and all the people I meet there.

Things being equal though, the more time I spend by the sea, the more jobs I get in the Alps. So for once, please guys check the last picture of this post and try to get me a small assignment close to that stuff, just to counter balance a little bit !

Time to shoot again some bikinis, I believe, just to catch some attention...

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