dimanche 16 février 2014

All Glam Valentine's Day Party Video...

Less than a month after the teaser for their marketing operation with the most beautiful real estate commercial boys of Marseille, mymarseille.com comes back with a wonderful party they organized on Valentine's day.

All glam, beautiful people  having fun in an intimately lit place, with fine food, beverages, cool music and a crazy singer, all this shot natural light. I can't thank enough my wonderful lenses I used wide open, to catch even the smallest quantity of photons available from any candles, bulbs or phones I could frame.

All things in perspective, the lighting of the place reminded me of some Kubrick's movies, from Barry Lindon (for which Lord Kubrick used an incredible 50mm opening at 0,7 built by Carl Zeiss) to Eyes Wide Shut... I even had people with masks, after all ! So I decided I could go the same way and not use any other source of lighting, as I had the glass to match this darkness.

As they plan some other venues, expect to see more of this technique on my videos for them this year.

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