jeudi 20 mars 2014

Holidays, the perfect occasion for some work...

I mean recreative work. Time to try, make mistakes, shoot wide open or totally locked, absurd framing. Time for some experiment. If you don't try on these occasions, you're not going to do it on a paid job... Well, I did it many times, just don't repeat it.

Exactly what I tried to do here with that video/slideshow, wandering around the beautiful city of London with only one lens, a 50mm, most of the time wide opened to add some softness and blur. And the beauty of carrying almost nothing except one camera and one lens. No heavy tripod, just use large aperture and high ISO.

Modern cameras can shoot stunning videos too, and even the most humble scene can be fascinating when shot at a large aperture and little slo-mo. Hand held long exposures are fun too, just try not to breathe for a few moments !

Wish I could do that for a living, it was fun moments there.