jeudi 29 mai 2014

Cool ! I'm a junior !

I had an assignment which is quite unusual for me, as I had to shoot the behind the scene of a kids clothing photoshoot. Usually, I'm the one that get filmed. But it's a new client, I already worked with their art director for a video, and she wanted to get the same mood in this backstage edit.

And I enjoyed it because I learned a lot. The photographer I had to follow, Stephane Huard, is an incredible character, shooting major campaigns around the world. His grandfather was a photographer, so are both his parents, they have a beautiful photo studio in Paris, it's a dynasty of photographers ! Watching him shoot and direct those talented young models taught me a lot, and also confirmed my technique is not so far. I only wish I could have the same assistant, Laurent, preparing the cameras, unloading cards, telling Stephane just what is necessary at the right moment. A nice pair working symbiotically.

On the sets, I needed to be fast and ready at any moment, so I had a very light rig to shoot all this, and a limited amount of lenses, so I could focus on shooting and not on technique. Shooting with DSLRs, you have to know your limitations and turn them into advantages. There was also a lot of different kind of lights, and I was really happy with the Cinestyle picture style, which helped me keeping all those high and low lights in control.

You can shoot RAW video now with hack firmware like Magic Lantern, but the workflow is quite a nightmare, especially if you want to shoot a little slow mo with a Canon 5DMkIII. The last version of Magic Bullet Looks integrates all the curves to correct Cinestyle, so it's easy to bring back the contrast and colors in those really flat rushes. And looking at the result, I'm really happy with it. If only Canon could officially unlock a few options on its cameras, it would be all I need as a video shooter. Hope you like the result as much as my clients do.

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