lundi 4 août 2014

Running to the sky...

Hey ! It's been a while ! I've been quite busy on corporate jobs, editing a new website, and lately, I was invited to shoot the Redbull K3. Ok I said, it's gonna change me from my industrial jobs, let's take that as holidays.

What a mistake...

Imagine a trail running race, where runners start at 500m of elevation and run like mad rabbit to reach the nearest summit at 3500m ! That's 3000m of ascent, the race itself being 10 kilometers long. Steeper and you call it climbing !

As you may know it, this summer looks like winter in Norway, and we were granted with rain, snow at the top, sun sometimes, clouds... That's why I decided to process this gallery in black and white, giving more drama to the pics, not that they really need it.

As for the location, Susa, in Italy, close to Torino. Wonderful place, and thanks to Redbull Italy, Damiano and Matteo at Story Teller lab for inviting me.

PS : My legs hurt...

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