dimanche 21 septembre 2014

Flash light portraits with no flash... How to travel light.

2 months ago I had to shoot for an elevator company, about their products, people building and installing them, and I also had to shoot a set of portraits of the company's board.

Needless to say the shoot was far away from home, and I had a few minutes with every people at the best. And I also had to travel light... That makes a lot of limitations, to get some nice pictures.

My technique was to imitate the painter's atelier lighting, so I investigated the whole building for a large window opened to the north, to use it as a giant softbox. The one I found had a perfect white wall to its left I could use as a background and reflector as well.

Check the result, I'm really impressed myself, no flash lights were involved in the process, and my handsome models turned very cooperative (for a few seconds...). I almost bought the window and the wall to bring back home !

Check the original shoot here : http://www.stefcande.com/CFA