lundi 10 novembre 2014

New corporate job : Back to School !

Have you ever had this dream, when you're a student and you have to change for a new school, and you are just the new guy (or girl) around, and everything seems so new, strange, and you feel the perfect clumsy person for a few weeks before you get into your shoes ?

Well, that happened to me on that assignment, except I was the new guy for every classroom I visited !

For the Chambre de Commerce of Haute Savoie, I had to document all the classes and degrees you can get there, as it's not widely known you can get very good teachings there, part-time in a classroom and part-time in companies and industries of the area. The goal was to be fully immersed with the students, no posing, and try to make it look good.

I went to my routine technique, fully opened lenses, back lit, and be as unnoticeable as possible. Nature helped me on that one, as my size is frankly ridiculous, and I can hide everywhere. Thanks also to my camera, which can shoot in a whispering mode, making it perfect for this kind of shoot.