dimanche 19 juillet 2015

Busy Summer Recap !

June and July were busy to an unusual point, and I had quite interesting and different jobs, and I wanted to share, so here are a few pics and links to my website if you want to see more.

First, I've been on a MTB trip to Lanzarote, Canary Island, with riders Bryan Regnier and Morgane Such. We did not really know what to expect, but we ended with absolutely crazy pics. I can only show you one, the cover of BigBike Magazine, the rest in a full article probably in October. We had so much fun shooting bike and surfing as well ! Perfect place.

Then I started a pro shooting marathon, beginning with a nice photoshoot for a  waterproof bags company called Zulupack. The kind of shoot where everything is tightly scheduled and everything works ! Rarely happens but it did. And so much fun using my waterproof camera to get different angles.

Second one was a beautiful shoot for Eider clothing company in a fantastic place in South of France. We have the luxury to choose only beautiful lights for shooting, which means waking up very early and finishing late in summer, but it was worth it. Thanks to Eider and their art directors to keep on in that direction.

Last of the big assignment was for a swimming pool company. Their ambassador is a very famous french swimmer, multiple olympic medalist, Laure Manaudou. We had to document what would be a nice day at the pool, and I think we made it. I especially like the underwater shots, not a lot of them but very strong. Laure is a real torpedo, and even if I shoot regularly top of the world athletes, I was quite impressed.

And you know what ? I even found the time to shoot a friend 's wedding ! Not my kind of jobs, got very nervous, but still quite happy with the results ! Hopefully, or I would have got killed by the family !

Feel free to click on some pics to go to the gallery on my website...

Happy summer everyone !

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