jeudi 31 mars 2016

King of Versatility !

Hell ! It's been a very long while... But check this, I've been busy shooting everything, from freeride skiing, to piste skiing, to interior decoration, to mountain bike, mountaineering, team building portraits and outdoor clothing ! I proclaim myself officially King of Versatility... And looking at these pictures I hope you'll agree. It's been very exhausting, and also very fun, with actually not so much of travelling except the mandatory stop in Utah, USA. A very welcome trip to a beautiful country that immediately followed a frenetic photoshoot in the middle of nowhere, sorry, Auvergne. Just kidding, a truly wonderful week in the heart of France. Thanks Lafuma, Eider, Rossignol, Cilao, MyMarseille and Brun de Vian Tiran for all these travelling ! And check the rest on STEFCANDE.COM !